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The 2012 elections are over, and the mandate was clear: “We’re all in this together”defeated “You’re on your own.” Now, in the looming fiscal showdown, we must make certain Congress gets the message.

Congress needs to act by early next year to avoid a automatic cuts that would trigger a double-dip recession and millions more out of work This will be a showdown between two visions: prosperity for working families and the middle-class or more for millionaires and CEOs With so much at stake, we need to send a unified message to our members of congress to pick prosperity for all. Here are resources to learn more about what’s at stake and to take action.

Understanding what’s at Stake:

Powerpoint This powerpoint reviews what’s at stake in the Budget showdown with clear slides and narrative. It reviews the four principles progressives have joined together to fight for and action steps you can take get involved and make a difference.

Powerpoint with Pentagon Issue This powerpoint includes some additional information about the Showdown and Pentagon spending cuts and makes the case for reducing our military spending.

Webinar Recording This video is a full recording of the webinar by USAction and the Coalition on Human Needs. The webinar uses the PPT and script from above and details action steps for progressives organizers and activists.

Fact Sheets:

Showdown – Just the Facts. This short fact sheet summarizes the key issues in the budget showdown including the impact on our economy, vital programs for seniors and families and jobs.

Narrative Rap. Effective messages and frames to use in talking about the Budget Showdown and the impact on our families, states and economy. (presentation format)

Narrative. Effective messages and frames to use in talking about the Budget Showdown and the impact on our families, states and economy. (outline format)

Build State and Local Coalitions:

Showdown Agenda. Help organize a conversation in your town or state about the budget
showdown. This sample agenda shows how you can organize a meeting to build agreement on our agenda and help others take action.

Take Action:

Prepare your Rap. A exercise to help you get comfortable talking about what’s at stake in the Budget Showdown with friends, neighbors and elected officials.

Flyers with tear-off Postcards. Sample postcards you can print and send to your member of Congress a message to support Prosperity for All, with space for your personal message.

Sample Letters to the Editor. Examples of letters to the editor that you can draw from to write a letter to your local paper.

Click the image below to take action for prosperity for ALL, not more for millionaires:

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