About Us

USAction Education Fund (USAEF) is a national leader of efforts to increase civic and voter participation, especially among the traditionally under-represented constituencies, such as people of color.  USAEF conducts issue-oriented work including:

  • Coordination: USAEF helps to maximize effectiveness and long-term capacity-building by working with our partners nationally and at the state-level.
  • Issue education: USAEF advances our issue agenda in the context of elections.  We mobilize voters by highlighting important issues like the new Medicare drug law, the debate over taxes, and policies affecting public schools.
  • Get Out the Vote: USAEF is committed to getting educated voters, especially those who traditionally do not vote regularly, out to the polls in every election.
  • Voter registration: In 2004, USAEF partners registered over half a million new voters in more than 20 states.
  • Leadership 2004: USAEF trained grassroots groups across the country to register thousands of new voters and get traditionally under-represented populations out to vote.
  • Volunteer2004: USAEF recruited volunteers to help grassroots groups in other states increase voter turnout.
  • Ensuring that every vote counts: USAEF and its partners conduct educational and legal activities to ensure that every possible voter can vote, and that every vote is counted.

USAction Education Fund continues our commitment to the 591,000 new voters we registered in 2004.  On all of our issues—Social Security, Medicaid, the federal budget and more—we continue to conduct education activities that encourage under-represented groups to vote in ever-increasing numbers.