Health Care

USAction Education Fund believes in quality, affordable health care for all. That is why we worked hard to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from 2008 to 2010, when the ACA was signed into law.

Today we work to defend ACA from attacks, and we work to protect Medicare and Medicaid. We believe health care reform will provide a guarantee of good, affordable health coverage to everyone and make health care more affordable for our families, our businesses and our nation as a whole. We believe in a truly inclusive and accessible health care system in which no one is left out.

We believe individuals should have a choice of a private insurance plan, including keeping the insurance you have if you like it, or a public health insurance plan that guarantees affordable coverage without a private insurance middleman.

Finally, we believe that health care plans, public and private, should provide full reproductive health care for women, and should guarantee equity in health care access, treatment, research and resources to people and communities of color, resulting in the elimination of racial disparities in health outcomes and real improvement in health and life expectancy for all.We also believe in a standard for health benefits that covers what people need to keep healthy and to be treated when they are ill. Health care benefits should cover all necessary care, including preventive services and treatment needed by those with serious and chronic diseases and conditions.