America needs jobs. Good jobs.

Jobs with good pay and benefits, so that families can educate our children, love and retire with security and pursue our dreams.

We built a strong America by building a strong middle class. But today the rich are richer than ever, while middle-class workers are being crushed. CEO campaign contributors buy tax breaks from politicians to ship our jobs overseas, while their corporations cut our wages and benefits at home.

We demand that Congress and the President take robust action to create jobs. 25 million Americans want full-time jobs and can’t find them.

We demand that companies end hiring discrimination against the unemployed. It is outrageous that in this era of high unemployment or under-employment, some companies won’t hire you if you are currently out of work.

We demand an extension of unemployment insurance. If UI benefits expire at the end of the year, not only will the unemployed be hurt; the jobless rate actually will rise in the U.S. because money flowing immediately into the economy will be cut off.

America needs jobs. Good jobs.