Social Security

Social Security is the promise we make to care for each other and to safeguard our society. It is one of America’s most successful and important social programs. Social Security has helped keep millions out of poverty and ensure a stable future for all Americans. People from all walks of life depend on it, including children, seniors, the disabled, and women. It is, in short, our promise to America.

USAction Education Fund believes Social Security must remain a public insurance program that serves the interests of all Americans. Benefits must not be cut and the eligibility age must not be further increased. To do so would be to break our promise to America.

There is no crisis: Social Security is safe, and the projected gap is manageable without a radical overhaul of the system. To put it in perspective, the revenue lost to the tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent of Americans would more than cover the long-term shortfall.

Social Security is our security. USAction Education Fund is fighting to keep the promise we made to our parents, to our children, to all of us.