PEN on the Issues

Basic Message — Minimum Wage and Paid Leave

This basic message document provides message guidance on the minimum wage and paid leave, an important lesson on telling personal stories and ‘tough questions and smart answers with some key facts’.

An America That Works for All of Us

Updated for 2013, the below PowerPoint discusses how to build an America that works for all of us, with liberty, justice and prosperity for all. Download here and please note that the PowerPoint file includes a script for presenters, also available as  a separate document here.

PEN for Communities of Color

Fact sheet showing how the story told in PEN relates to the experience of people of color.

PEN for the Federal Budget

A short rap on the federal budget using PEN.

PEN for Good Jobs and Workers’ Rights

Two-page version of PEN focused on good jobs and workers’ rights.

PEN for Health Care

Two-page version of narrative focused on health care, including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid.

PEN for Job Creation

Two-page version of narrative applied to the national debate on job creation.

American Security Narrative

The roll that military spending plays in our economy.

Immigration Narrative

Guide on how the country’s immigration policies tie into jobs and the narrative.

Fair and Responsible Tax Narrative

We all have the right to be taxed fairly – a guide on how fair taxes tie into a strong economy.

Applying the PEN to Your Issue

This is quick guide and short exercise to be used after PEN trainings. PEN can be adopted to any issue, and participants have an opportunity to practice as a group and provide feedback.