They Say – We Say

Progressive responses to conservative messages

They say: Businesses are the job creators.

We say: People are the jobs creators.

Let me ask you, is your boss in business to create jobs, or to make as much money as he can? Unless you work for a small business, your boss will only create a new job if there isn’t a cheaper option: force you to work longer hours, hire a temp, purchase new technology, or get the work done overseas. In fact, people are the job creators. What do businesses need? People to spend money buying their products and using their services. And people to get the work of the business done. When working people have money, they spend it, creating business and jobs. It’s people that are the business and job creators.

They Say: Just like any family making its household budget, government has to live within its means or it will go broke.

We Say: According to economists, government budgets and household budgets work the opposite in one simple way: Governments can and should spend more when times are tough. Government spending makes up for lack of spending by families and businesses, and it helps end a recession by getting people back to work, keeping businesses open and so forth. Households spend more once times are good again, but that’s when government focuses on balancing its books, because once the slowdown has ended, people are back at work and tax revenues are back up. For instance, after World War II debt was significantly higher as a proportion of the economy than it is today. But as the economy improved, debt came back down to OK levels.

They say: We’re broke.

We say: We’re not broke, we’ve been robbed!

  • Robbed by Wall Street speculators and CEO campaign contributors, who are wrecking our economy and ruining our democracy.
  • We’re not broke when American corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash, and paying the smallest share of the federal budget in decades.
  • We’re not broke when the super-rich are getting richer and their taxes have been cut almost in half, while the rest of us are getting squeezed.
  • Instead of more tax loopholes for the super-rich and giant corporations, and endless spending on wars overseas, Washington politicians should invest in America’s future, with education, job training, research and development, protecting seniors, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure like roads and bridges, and reducing the deficit. Just eliminating the Bush tax loopholes on income earned over $250,000 would generate $700 billion to invest in America again.