Training Documents

Guide to PEN training materials

Progressive Economic Narrative (PEN) Training Resource Guide and List of Handouts. It includes information on core narrative trainings, their format, content and suggested audience. It also lists the handouts that are available on PEN.

Basic PEN Training

Basic Training Script

The basic training can be used with almost any sized group and should be accompanied by an exercise.

Contrasting PEN with the Conservative Narrative

A quick intro to PEN, contrasting it with the conservative narrative to increase interest.

Applying the PEN to Your Issue

This is an exercise to be used after PEN trainings. PEN can be adopted to any issue, and participants have an opportunity to practice as a group and provide feedback.


A question and answer guide to using the Progressive Economic Narrative.

PEN on Good Jobs and Workers’ Rights PowerPoint

PEN Training Manual: How to Talk about Good Jobs and Workers’ Rights

How to Argue about the Economy- and Win

A memo guiding progressives on how to conceptualize the economy our country needs – and how to most effectively demand those changes from the people in power.