Senior Staff

Fred Azcarate, Executive Director

Katy Griffith Boswell, National Campaigns Director

Jennifer Coken, Development Director

Patty Snee, National Field Director

National Staff

Brenda Barron Regional Field Director

Stephanie Briggs, Administrative Assistant

Beatrice Dermer, Senior Development Manager

Emma Einhorn, Field Associate

Brittany Larson, Development Associate

Camden Lee, Digital Manager

National Staff

Carin Schiewe, Regional Field Director

Shelley Sherman, Finance Operations Manager

Ross Wallen, Program Manager for Digital Organizing and Outreach

Cynthia Ward Wikstrom, Campaign Director

Sarah Chaisson Warner, Regional Field Director

USAction Education Fund Board 

Janelle Cousino, President; Fowler Hoffman Senior Associate

Mary Schaafsma, Treasurer; League of Women Voters of Illinois Issues and Advocacy Coordinator

William McNary, Co-Executive Director; Citizen/Action Illinois

Kweli Kitwana

Larry Marx

Marti Rosenberg